Katie WElls Photography

June 29, 2010

{Idaho Falls Child Photographer} Macie

This is Macie . . . aka Nay-Nay Say Pow-Pow. I love the way this 2 year old pronounces her full name. It's so cute in her tiny little voice and she always smiles so big when she says it. Her mama calls her the tornado. I've heard the stories and seen the pictures of the aftermath. I was prepared to brace myself for her in the studio and you know what? She came in quietly, sat nicely, smiled beautifully, and didn't make hardly a sound other than when we were talking or playing. I think her mom might have been in shock! Lori, I hope you had an uneventful trip home to Utah!!

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  1. They are precious - or should I say - SHE is precious!!! Good job girls!! Can't wait to get a hug from her!