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September 9, 2010

{Idaho Falls Newborn, Baby, Child Photographer} A few items of business . . .

Firstly, there's this:Um, yep, it's mine. And it's making an appearance sometime in February and hopefully not any sooner. And yes, it was a surprise. A shock, more like it. But we are excited--and nervous! My babies will be 14 months apart. Crazy.

I'm currently booked for sessions through October and into November. So if you are thinking about a session, but haven't gotten around to scheduling it yet, you better get on it!! I will not be taking any appointments for 2010 after Friday, December 10th. I'd like to enjoy my family during the holidays this year. : ) However, I will consider taking any newborns who come during that time. There's ALWAYS room for tiny ones in my schedule!

For 2011, I will take sessions between January 4th and the 28th. Then I'll be taking appointments beginning April, possibly sooner depending on how things go. And again, I will be taking newborns anytime I can during that entire period.

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