Katie WElls Photography

September 10, 2010

{Idaho Falls Child Photographer} Jack & Jayci

Perfect, yes? That's what I'd say. These two kids are so beautiful and fun to play with. They did so well for their session considering they had just traveled from 5 hours away, it was in the evening, and we were asking them to be cute and patient. Jack is 5 years old and after about 6 pictures very nicely told me he was all done. Jayci was a little hot and cold so I had to let her run the show. The great thing is she comes up with pretty good poses all on her own. I love her laying on the floor pose as it's always one of my favorites to try and she did it without me even asking! Yay for great kiddos! Jill, I hope you love your preview--it will confirm that your trip was totally worth while! : )


  1. I love the little jacket in the last picture. Are they twins? They're adorable.

  2. I can't stop coming on here to see my little cuties! You did such a beautiful job and I can't wait to see the rest! Thanks so much!