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September 2, 2010

{Idaho Falls Photographer} Lovely

I've said it more than once . . . I don't do weddings. But once in a blue moon . . . I do.
This gorgeous bride and her man with the handsome hand (you'll see more of him later) are such a beautiful couple. I debated whether or not to blog the pictures because I don't want to give the impression that I have changed my business. Nope, I'm still all about babies and kids.

BUT, I will say that this wedding was SO MUCH FUN to photograph that someday I just might switch things up and do a few special occasions. We will see.

So for now enjoy this one photo. I just got my baby Mac back into my hands tonight and I'm loving it. Although after using that tiny little laptop, this large screen makes me feel like I'm sitting in the front row at the movie theater! Hopefully now I will be editing like a mad woman. Between sessions. And between taking care of 3 kids. And the house. And the . . . well, you moms know how it is. : )

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  1. Katie, this is an amazing photo.. you are so talented. I'd vote for switching it up every now and again...