Katie WElls Photography

October 9, 2010

{Idaho Falls Newborn Photographer} Sofia & Bella

TINY little girls weighing in at about 5 lbs each--which is back up to their birth weights at 3 weeks old. Sofia was born first and she took all the hair and a bit more of the food. ; ) But little Bella makes up for it in spunk. She's definitely the more opinionated of the two. The picture of them in their blessing dresses below pretty much sums up their personalities: Sofia is laid back and sleeps a lot. Bella is very aware and awake.

Their sweet daddy bought this photo session as an anniversary gift to his wife. Seriously. If only every husband were that thoughtful!


  1. A bit of a proud grandma here. You did a great job and I can't wait until I can have one of these darling photos in my own home. A gift like this will live on forever, because we all know how quickly these darling little packages grow up; luckily you have captured this moment so it will last forever. Grandma thanks you!

  2. Those little ones are so cute. How crazy that you have had twins twice and so close to eachother. I agree what a great gift. Cute pictures. They are adorable. Proud mom for sure.