Katie WElls Photography

January 31, 2011

{Idaho Falls Maternity Photographer} Coming soon . . .

I love having a pregnant belly. There's nothing like feeling a baby move, roll, push, and grow. The miracle of life never ceases to amaze me. I'm now at the point in my pregnancy that the doc could decide to take the baby any day or week.

I decided not to do maternity pictures of me this time around. Since Alyssa was a whole 5 months old when I became pregnant this time, it didn't give me any time to lose her baby weight. And to make it even more unfair, I GAIN weight when I nurse my babies. I despise those stories of women who lose every ounce due to breastfeeding. Whatevs. The only thing that makes up for it is I don't get stretchmarks.

This week, the thought of not having any pictures of my belly made me sad--I didn't even have a snapshot. So I dragged my hubby into the studio for a couple shots. He's a good sport . . . and he tries. But at the end of my whole 3-minute session, there was only 1 shot that was decent enough to post. The good news is that one is all I really needed.
And because this little busy body can't ever be left out, she was right in the middle of it all. I'm glad Brad caught this candid moment. I get a lot of looks when we go to the store and I'm carrying a 13 month old and I am about ready to pop with another one. The old ladies smile at me as if they remember "those days". And most of the men do a double take.
This pregnancy was definitely a surprise--one that I would have never thought possible. Yet we are thrilled about this "bonus" and excited to add more love and happiness to our family.


  1. Katie, good luck with everything. You are a babe!

  2. gorgeous pics. love them! and good luck- congrats!! :)

  3. I didn't know you were pregnant again!! Congrats!!! Beautiful pics!!

  4. Oh Katie. You look beautiful in those pictures. You and Alyssa look so sweet in that picture together.