Katie WElls Photography

April 19, 2011

{Idaho Falls Child Photographer} Friends

This is Rylee & Kennedi. They have lived across from each other since they were born. They are best buddies, but more like sisters. Their moms are best friends, too! They've had babies together, put their husbands through school together, and supported each other through everything. Because their apartment doors faced each other the girls spent every day running back and forth.

Both these girls' daddies just graduated from college, so it was time to move on. But before they did, we had a friends photo session with the best buddies and their little siblings. I must say it was a little bit crazy with all 4 little ones, but I am sure Leslie & Sharlie will treasure these pictures! I know you guys are missing each other right now, so I hope these images provide a bright spot in your day! And I'm not responsible for any tears that may fall during viewing. : )

Oh, and the ever so cute clothing and hair accessories were provided by Sharlie, owner of Babes 'n Beads. Check out her etsy site HERE.

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