Katie WElls Photography

May 3, 2011

{Idaho Falls Baby Photographer} Trey

Everyone loves babies. Even if they say they don't, there's no denying how cute babies are at this age. Trey is 6 months and was pure sweetness. His fat rolls are perfectly placed, he has cute blue eyes, and an adorable gummy smile. Trey will soon be on his way back home to Virginia. I'm so glad his mama brought him in before they headed out.


  1. He has changed so much!!! Still such a cutie! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  2. he is so gorgeous///you need to hurry up and bring him home before he is to grown.give him a kiss for me..also give big john one for me and tell him i am real proud of him.see you all to you all,GOD BLESS and stay safe///aunt susan