Katie WElls Photography

May 25, 2011

Ryder & Gage

Oooooh, baby love. Times two!! These little guys were so much fun in my studio. They just turned one year old, but lucky for me they weren't walking yet. Gage is on the left, and Ryder is on the right. Gage is busy, happy, and social. Ryder is quiet, sweet, and relaxed. Guess who we spent the most time chasing after??

This mama has 5 kids under the age of 7. Wonder how she does it all? Like this:


  1. Great work Katie! Wish you still lived next door so you could take photos of my kids:)

  2. I know this momma and she is amazing. Love the pictures.

  3. SO CUTE!! I've been wondering how these little two were growing up. Ronda told me to look up your blog to see them. They are ADORABLE! And good job capturing their personalities! (I love the last picture, by the way! She'll be glad she has it!)

  4. katie! what cute boys I have :) I mean.. what cute pics you take! LOVE THEM! I cant wait to get them all. We could have done without the last photo!;) Thanks for taking such cute pictures.. talk to ya soon.