Katie WElls Photography

September 19, 2011

{Idaho Falls Child Photographer} Wall Candy

For those of you that have been to my studio, you may remember my set of canvases above the stairs. I love those pictures, but the number of children in our family has doubled since those were taken . . . so it was time for an update. The timing was tricky--we had to wait until Natalie could sit up, but do it before Emily lost her two front teeth, and while everyone fit into their amazing outfits by Babes N Beads. This time of year is so great for outdoor sessions. The light is beautiful and golden and the temperature is just right.

The new collage that will make me smile every day:


  1. So sweet! That toes picture needs to be on Melissa's wall. :)

  2. Wow! These photos are priceless and look how good they all smile,even baby! gorgeous,Kt! I will figure out a way for you to take our family photos again one day. Maybe we'll just have to plan a visit next summer before Scott goes back to school and the baby will be about Natalies age. We are way over due for a family visit! Love and miss u guys!

  3. I absolutely love these. Beautiful little family you have!

  4. These are so so so cute! I just want to kiss them all! And I do love the toes.

  5. The second is my favorite as well. It should be on a postcard or something!