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October 21, 2009

One more post . . .

A few more things I forgot to mention:

With all the illnesses going around, we all need to be careful. So, if you think your child isn't feeling well (this goes for anytime of year--not just flu season), please call me and I'll rearrange whatever I need to in order to reschedule. I keep my studio (and my home) as germ free as possible. No need to worry, though. I haven't had one sniffle or cough enter my home or studio--and I'd like to keep it that way! Seriously, just looking at this next picture should be enough to make everyone want to keep the germs far, far away!!

This is Makinley. And she's perfect.

And last item of business is the upcoming canvas event. Many people are wondering about getting orders in. I'll be opening the canvas event the second week in November. I'll announce it on the blog and you'll also receive an email with detailed instructions. The hardest part about the canvas event is deciding which pictures to have done!!

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