Katie WElls Photography

October 7, 2010

{Idaho Falls Photographer} Back to life, back to reality

So normally I don't post much about my family on this public blog. But we had so much fun on our family vacation that I had to share just a smidge of it with you!

We went to Atlanta, GA to see some dear friends. Oh, how I love to visit the city. Emphasis on visit.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium. Amazing.Then we drove over to Hilton Head, SC where we enjoyed a few days at a beach house. We played in the ocean, visited Savannah, GA, and ate some divine seafood.

My kids loved the ocean. Baby was scared of the waves, but she loved eating the sand. She must have ingested half the beach based on what I found in her diapers over the next few days. Grody.

Now that we're back, I'm trying to catch up on everything. I think I've called, texted, emailed, or facebooked everyone that contacted me while I was gone. If I haven't contacted you, please get a hold of me!!


  1. beautiful Katie, so glad you were ale to enjoy some downtime with your babies.

  2. Wow! Great photos Katie. Who took them. Ha Ha! Just teasing. Glad you had a great time. Hope you're feeling well