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October 6, 2010

{Idaho Falls Photographer} TJ & Mercedes

Finally, I am posting this wedding. Mercedes and TJ and their families have had the pictures in their hands for awhile, but I couldn't NOT share with the rest of you. : )
Have I ever told you about this girl? She saved my life last winter. Just after Alyssa was born, and after her whole life flight/sickness ordeal was over, it was time to get back to life and back to work. The problem is that we were supposed to keep the baby home and away from everyone. And I was up to my eyeballs in work not to mention sleepless nights with a newborn and all the work that comes with being a wife and mother. Enter: Mercedes. She came to my house during sessions to watch my little girls. And while she was here, she mopped floors, folded laundry, did the dishes, and snuggled my babies while I worked.

And now, one year later, we'll be having another baby. And in that time, Mercedes has grown up and gotten married and she moved away WITHOUT asking my permission. I need to find another Mercedes when February rolls around. Any takers???

So enough about me and all my hardships. : ) Back to this beautiful bride and her handsome man.

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