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November 17, 2010

{Rexburg Photographer} Family Session

Tis the season for family sessions! My season is winding down a little bit--I planned it that way so I could enjoy the holidays. I've been editing like crazy and have whittled my task list of 19 sessions to edit down to 6. Hooray!!

This family was so friendly and willing to do what I asked. Well . . . all of them but one. This is how he started out the session. But I worked some magic and he came out of his shell.

This guy was sweet as could be. I love little boys this age. Oh, I mean big boys. : )
Ummm, how old would you say this girl is . . . 17? She's actually only 13! I can't wait to see how much more beautiful she is by the time she's a senior in high school.

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