Katie WElls Photography

November 9, 2010

{Idaho Falls Child Photographer} My Boy

This boy . . . I love him so much. In the beginning, we both had some growing to do. It was hard for me to transition from a corporate job in downtown Houston to being at home with a very high maintenance screaming baby. And I love babies! But over a course of about 9 months I settled into life at home and he settled into life in this world.

He's always been a tender kid. When he was little and afraid of everything it made me crazy. Now he's much more brave, but he still has the tender side. He cares about how other people feel. He's so sweet with his sisters. Ah, sisters--he's gonna have a lot of them. It's funny--I always pictured myself with a house full of boys. It will be just the opposite for us, but its okay because this one boy is all I need. : )


  1. Those are some adorable pictures of Ben. He looks so grown up!

  2. Ben you are so handsome in these pictures. Katie you did a great job at capturing his handsomeness and kindness. You can see he in his eyes exactly how you describe him a wonderful caring boy. Ben I love you and am so happy to call my nephew. Keep being the wonderful boy I know.

  3. He's such a good kid, I never would have guessed he was a hard baby! He has turned how to be a pretty awesome guy so far though! GREAT pictures.

  4. I really love his hair longer. It reminds me of Brad's at that age. Man those boys are growing up. He's so handsome. Tell him that for me.