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February 25, 2011

{Idaho Falls Newborn, Baby, Child Photographer} Blessed

I'm one of those people who counts my blessings every day. I realize how wonderful my life is. But today I'm saying it out loud. Or rather typing it.

My husband is the most amazing and supportive best friend in the world.
I have 4 healthy, beautiful children who bring me so much joy. Our extended families and friends are awesome. And I have the PERFECT job!These four canvases are hanging in my front entry. The best home decor you can have is photographs of the people you love. Seeing your beautiful family displayed every day in your home will make you happy. We all love to see pretty pictures--others who enter your home will notice!

If you have had pictures taken, but they aren't on your wall . . . get on it! I'm always happy to help you get prints or canvases made.

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