Katie WElls Photography

July 28, 2011

This child . . .

is amazing, busy, silly, wonderful, crazy, loud, funny, sweet, happy, and tempermental. Yes, all of them. And sometimes all of those traits are expressed within the same minute. She evokes so many emotions in me--she makes me feel blessed, exhausted, giddy, and frustrated all within that same minute.

I cannot get this girl into my studio for pictures. She is too fast and crazy and doesn't even look at me no matter how loud I shriek. A few weeks ago I was photographing some gorgeous signs for Angela, and this little imp snuck in and began her silliness. I knew if I took time to move the light in her direction, she'd be gone, so I just snapped what I could. It gives you a glimpse of her personality.
Anyone who meets her is smitten within minutes. For those of you that don't know her . . . you're missing out! We love our little tazmanian devil!

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