Katie WElls Photography

August 31, 2011

{Idaho Falls Baby & Child Photographer} Jack, Jaycie, & Xander

Oh, how I love Jill's kids! Yes, they are beautiful, but they're also sweet and SO photogenic. And Jill does a fantastic job with their clothes. Since they live in Utah, this was my first time to meet little Xander--and he's just so perfect. When I saw Jack walking up the sidewalk just after they arrived, I almost ran out and gave him a big hug. Every day I feel so blessed to do my job . . . but photographing ALL 3 of Jill's kids made me so grateful. You see, Jack nearly lost his life this summer in an accident. His survival was a miracle and so I felt very honored to be in the presence of such a special boy. And Miss Jaycie--that girl was workin' it for the camera. She was telling me where she wanted the chair and which backdrop. Nothing wrong with a girl knowing what she likes!


  1. Oh I had such a rough end to a hard day and was in bed feeling bad about everything (you know, just one of those days...:) and got up for a drink and just thought I'd quickly check here. Now I can go to bed with a smile! Thank you so much! I've been worried because it seemed that everything was working against us that trip but they are beautiful! That one of Xander grabbing his toes got me teary eyed. It's definitely going on the wall! You are one talented lady!

  2. Jill, you are most welcome. It makes me SO happy to hear that you love them.