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April 26, 2013

Canvas Event!

I'm THRILLED to announce I have a new canvas company.  Their work is stellar and their color is top notch.  The most interesting pieces of art for your home are images of the people you love.  Not only will you love seeing them on your walls, so will everyone that enters your home. 
Starting today I'm offering canvases to clients at 18 cents per square inch (tax included in that price) ANY SIZE.  These canvas prices INCLUDE the following options:

Matted for a frame:

or 2-inch edge gallery wrap:

either regular edge or soft (blurred) edge:

So start measuring your walls.  Do your configurations.  Place your orders!  I'm happy to help with suggestions on sizes and groupings or help calculate costs, etc.  To figure the cost of an 16x20 canvas, you'd multiply 16 by 20, then multiply that number by .18 and that's your amount due. 


Payment is due BEFORE midnight on May 8th.  You can email me at or facebook me or call me at 208-351-8734.

If you'd like to come to my home to view a canvas yourself, send me a text and I'd be happy to show them off.  :)  I will print images taken by other photographers ONLY if you have a print release.

The Canvas Event ends on Wednesday, May 8th, at midnight.  

Thanks to Michelle Heaps for taking my family pics!

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